Volcom PB and J Results

We just got done with the Volcom PB and J and let’s count it as another successful contest. Kids came from all over to kill the set-up and make their mark. The little guys definitely made their presence. A few of them were barely waste tall but that didn’t stop them from charging features three times their size. That was fun to watch. The big guys killed it too. With dudes like Alex Heresford, Erik Leon, Jordan Smalls, Lenny Mazotti, and Devin Allen, the riders really had to work to get noticed. End of the day, they all made it happen and made us stoked to host this contest. You guys and gals are Bear Mountain.

Open Class:
1st – Buzz Holbrock
2nd – Erik Leon
3rd – Joshua Keyser
4th – Robert Toast
5th – Juan Polanco

1st – Melissa Spillman
2nd – Melissa Evans
3rd – Jamie Madrid
4th – Sam Kolesky
5th – Hailey Langland

16 and Over:
1st – Chris Sovich
2nd – Brendon Monohan
3rd – Nathan Sovich
4th – Simone Buzzi
5th – Vince Ortiz

15 and Under:
1st – Jerome Nolan
2nd – Joey Fava
3rd – Drayden Gardner
4th – Sam Swanson
5th – Jeremiah Belledin



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