A sight for sore eyes.

P1210749overnight we received a light layer of snow, and it is currently flurrying with cold temps.

Snowmaking conditions continue to look brighter and brighter and the forecast is calling for snow from now til Saturday!

stay tuned for updates.

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8 Comments on this post:

  1. Wayne says:

    Lay down the white carpet!

  2. Roxy says:

    Turn them guns on! Let’s do this!

  3. Kathleen Dunn says:

    I would like to snowboard on my birthday November 27. Will you be open?

  4. Wonderful: just got home from finishing filming Episode 235 of 2 1/2 MEN.
    All you fans have a real great Episode to look forward to!
    Seeing this report makes me want to wake up the family and pack for a early start in the morning, to begin Thanksgiving week, at Big Bear. Celibrating my daughters 18TH birthday.
    Thank You Mother Earth for sheading some snow on the Mountain. I have not tried the new Solar Electric Scooter in the snow yet. The scooters are selling in the cold weather States as well as Canada and England. We love hearing from people all over the World that are using a Clean alternative for short range transportation. 20 miles on a charge and 15 MPH all for about twenty five cents to charge. Clean, Quiet and Fun. We wish everyone a great Thanksgiving where ever you are. Let’s support our friends in Big Bear California by spending some fun in the new snow.

  5. ericski says:

    Crank up that snow making guys! Mother Nature’s showing sum Winter love.

  6. Shredzo says:

    Ok already lets hear an opening date. If you got this much and you know you can blow “x” per day in cold temps…..you know you’ll be opening on Mon. Get ready shredders!

  7. Luke McMaster says:

    we are doing our best to have the best opening day possible. everything depends not only on temperature but humidity.

  8. Luke McMaster says:

    We do not have a projected opening day yet. check back frequently for updates.

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