Winter Weather

We gained another 2-4 inches of snow last night and have continued to make snow while conditions permit. New forecasts show another storm rolling in on Thanksgiving that could potentially bring some more snow! Despite the recent snowfall and snowmaking we don’t have a set opening date yet.

Always carry chains and drive carefully while winter weather is in effect.


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  1. TommyTyndalsGhost says:

    What is going in here guys? You got 4-6 of natural snow and have been making snow all over the place and you’re still not open? Mt. High just opened. Holiday week, plenty of people …lets hear a date already. I’d like to shred under a couple days of sunny skies before it gets cloudy. Come on, knock off the garbage and open. You owe it to your customers.

  2. Conspiracytheory says:

    Could the lack of opening have to do with some imbecile who laid off a ton of employees while a winter storm forecast to drop 2 feet was on its way? Scrambling now for help? Lets try to open already and stop worrying about a few $$ and a few warmer days between storms. What’s the matter with you people? Is this some money saving effort while you sell the joint?

  3. Kim says:

    TommyTyndalsGhost- Realistically we received 2-4 inches and have only just begin making snow. The conditions have been too warm and with the recent storm we have FINALLY been able to begin making snow! We ar just as anxious as you are but we also want to provide the quality terrain and conditions you expect when you think of Bear Mountain. That is why we are not rushing to open and making sure we do things proper!

  4. TommyTyndalsGhose says:

    You think these snowboarders care what it’s like?!? Seriously, we have been waiting 7 months to ride and frankly could care less how wide or deep the white ribbon of death is. Just make some snow and open the terrain already!! Thank you, your customers demand it!!

  5. Kim says:

    Conspiracytheory- The lack of opening date is due entirely to the weather. As as ski resort we either need natural snowfall or cold/ dry weather so that we can make our own. The past few weeks have been too warm to fire up the snowmaking system because it would just melt. Now that the weather is colder and Mother Nature is on our side you can bet we’ll be opening shortly!

  6. Kim says:

    TommyTyndalsGhose- Opening day could be sooner than you think!We just need 1-2 more days of snowmaking and we’re ready.

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