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Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails is now in its 11th year. It’s hard to believe how fast time flies… But what got us to this point here in Bear Mountain history? Even though it seems like yesterday when this event was in its creation period a lot has happened since our inaugural year. Let’s enjoy a little flashback, shall we? Everybody look up at the sky, put on your thinking face, and we’ll start the chime music and ripple your screen…

Way Way Back…

Imagine that it’s 2003… The Terminator has just joined California politics, Tampa Bay has beaten the Oakland Raiders in the Super Bowl and the Russian pop duo Tatu hits number one on the music charts with “All The Thing She Said”, but something else happened that year… something much more exciting in the world of snow sports.  Imagine you’re a young boarder, it’s early September and your standing at the Base Area of Bear Mountain and despite the warm weather before you is one of the most amazing snowboard set-ups you’ve ever seen during the Summer months. You are at the first ever Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails!

SG Mag for WEBThe idea behind HDHR came from a photo-shoot earlier that year in the spring.  The shoot was for SG Magazine and featured a slew of female riders (from Roberta Rodger to Alexis Waite) on 10 tons of ice chipped into snow. In the background were beautiful sunflowers setting a perfect backdrop for some beautiful ladies hitting a single flat bar. Click!  A light bulb went off above Chris Riddle’s head (VP of Marketing for BBMR). Why not create a summertime snowboarding event to get people stoked about the upcoming winter?!?!

“We were looking for an event that would accomplish two things,” remembers Riddle. “One, it would act as the first winter event of season and a reason to celebrate the coming snow. Two, it would allow our guests one final chance to purchase their Season Pass at the cheapest discounted rates. Back when we created this event we couldn’t imagine it would have taken off as the premier winter kickoff party of the season in the industry.”

That settled it!  This upcoming event was in the development stages for becoming one big boarding BBQ bash, only one problem remained…  What should we call this event? Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails was chosen to pay homage to one of the Nixon Jib Fests held at Snow Summit (which that year Kevin Jones took home a prize BBQ in), and ever since the name has stuck!

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That first year brought 40 tons of ice and the course was setup into two sections.  The first was made of 3 features in the Scene, including a red tube balance beam and two Jersey barriers. The other was an urban style section using the hand railing that leads to the parking lot in between the Ice Box and the Food Court.  “We took these features from the Junk Yard shoots in the Mack Dawg movie “Shakedown” and used them in the setup”, Clayton Shoemaker remembers. “We wanted to take features from all sorts of photo shoots and video parts that kids were stoked on watching and actually give kids a chance to ride them by tweaking them a little bit after the event.”

The event went down as a huge success and that year Bear Mountain history was made! Join us Next Friday for more “Tales from the Dawg” as we interview Team Rider Jordan Small!

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HDHR: 1 Month & Counting

HDHR Rave Card Button Small

Today is the day that we officially start to pre-game! Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails (HDHR) happens in just one month and today we’re launching our HDHR Hub! It’s the epicenter of the action where you can get all the last info about what will be going down at the event on September 27th. Take a look at the hub for a variety of info including…

Who’s the Biggest Bear Fan: Photo Contest

HDHR BIGGEST FAN photo contest buttonWe’re giving away 4 HDHR VIP ACCESS PASSES to one lucky winner of the Biggest Bear Fan Photo Contest!  That’s right, you, your girl and two of your buddies can join the party from the best seats in the house in the Redbull VIP area. All you have to do is snap a shot and prove to us that you are indeed the biggest Bear Mountain fan (but no need to go all Kathy Bates in Misery on us…)!

Tales From the Dawg

HDHR 1 Month Left Small File Size
Starting Friday we’re launching “Tales From the Dawg”, the Bear Mountain exclusive blog featuring original content. Get in the know with everything from Pro-rider profiles to the expansive history of the HDHR event.

Plus there will be a few surprises along the way…


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Being a Bear Fan during the lead up to the Winter Season Kickoff Party we’re sure that you have tons of questions… 1. “Who’s competing in this event?” 2. “What vendors will be there?” 3. “How is progress coming along in the course set-up?” Our Hub is the best place to get a recap on all the latest HDHR News.

In answer to some of your questions:

1. The Riders List is in the final stages of development before we announce the winners, but check back with us on Friday for the complete list of the Riders you want to see shred their stuff!

2. Our Vendors will be announced two weeks prior to the event, but you can count on all of our Mountain Sponsors to be there with goodies.

3. The Dirt Work for the brand new course set up has commenced! Park Crew is happy to be digging in their tractors this week and we are all stoked that ground has been broken! Soon they will start on the scaffolding and before you know it HDHR will have taken it’s shape.

HDHR Dirt Work


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Smooth Spinning Skis

Sunday is here again! We’re another week closer to winter and laying down some tricks in the park. This Sunday we’re doing a nod to our friends on two snowboards, that’s right this weekend is for the skiers! Spend your Sunday afternoon with some skiers that are smoother on snow than butter on bread. Check out Dominic’s toasty backside 1080 and Hugo’s not-so-simple spins!

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