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7 New Terrain Park Features

Last night, Park Staff hooked us up with 5 new jibs and 2 new snow features in Powder Bowl; putting our total at 29 jibs and 12 snow features. This addition really opens up Chair 9/Park Run by giving us another outlet; now you have a choice of runs! The jibs start in upper Powder Bowl with the flat-down rail, and then in the flats, we have a rainbow box, a flat box, and up-down box, and a flat rail with a upward pitch. It’s hard to believe it’s only November 11 and we are already having this much fun. The park [...]

Park Up-Date 11/10

TOP to BOTTOM opening week; there is your up-date! Just kidding, but that is our favorite part. Hitting jibs is fun, but hitting jibs the entire run is way more fun. We have 22 jibs and 10 snow features right now and they are not your typical opening week features. We have 7 down rails set up perfect skate style, a bunch of kickers that will get you up there, and a list of of other jibs that you will just have to come and see. Everyone seems to be real stoked on all the down rails right now. There are so many of them that you [...]

Happy Opening Day

Welcome back everyone! Feels good; doesn’t it? We don’t have too much to say today because we are going to let The People’s Park do the talking! So get out there and see what we have; you’ll love it!  Chair 9/Park Run is stacked TOP to BOTTOM with all sorts of jibs and features, and the Beach Bar will be serving cold ones for those of you who need some extra help getting back into it. Also, be sure to look out for DJ Slip Matt at the bottom of 9. He will be stirring up some beats and giving away a bunch of [...]

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